One guy I know of drove around in a van while taking bets on a cell phone, between the hours of 10 am and noon. This is rather extreme, but I guess the cops couldn’t pin him down. Football season will be your busiest time of year. Some bookies shut down after the Super Bowl. That’s where you can pick-up some extra business. You can offer lines on basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, Nascar, and more. There is always room for a good businessman.


There is always room for a good bookie. Of all the chapters in some book, these chapters had, by far and away, more material written than any other. There is a downside to anything and sports gambling has its share. Most anything is okay in moderation, but to those who overindulge, sports gambling can lead one down a path of serious negative addiction. There have been scores of studies citing the negative effects of gambling in general. Teenagers and children under the legal gambling age of 18 have been able to gamble through deception. This is becoming a more pervasive problem, which can lead to more serious risk taking such as substance abuse and unprotected sex.


Studies show that 2% of all adults end up addicted to gambling. Some people become pathological gamblers whose relationships, finances, and social status all suffer because of their gambling. Studies show that some people’s brains are wired differently. They have an abnormal craving for stimulation, combined with an out-of-control impulsiveness. They are never satisfied even when winning, and will continue to gamble at all cost.